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How to take care of the elderly

The old man is also a need to care about, in fact, the old man is the most afraid of be lonely, groups of children had, full of laughter, once become lonely, courty, this gap, often let the old man is difficult to accept, now more and more young people leave home and going to struggle to make money out of town, left a lot of lonely old man, a lot of the time the old man would say that there is no relationship, I'm fine. I always remember such a slogan "father of lies, you can hear it?" Each time I see the video I was feeling!

Life, how should we care for the elderly? How to care for the old man at home?

1.1 often telephone communication

Often call home old man play, if the feelings are hard to make a every day, don't really have free people, a call for at least a week, not more than a month didn't call, always concerned about the latest development of the old man in the home, it also can reduce their loneliness, a short call is actually the old man would feel warm in my heart, feel worried about!

1.2 went off

When the holiday, can go home to see parents in the home, the old man, also avoid too care, occasionally spare some time with the children, love, go to the elderly, they will be very pleased to see how they will be less worried about a minute, children are the parents of a pet project, they often thinks about, just not express it.

1.3 occasionally to old people do some shopping

Occasionally give old people do some shopping in the home, can be a clothes, can be the other, on the basis of the ability of personal strengths, the old man will feel warm in my heart, remember the other day I give father bought a dress, although it is on sale, but my father is very proud to tell you "this is my daughter to buy, envy!"

1.3 occasionally to old people do some shopping

Old people need is care and love, actually a lot of time in order not to give away the child burden, don't let them worry, they tend to say "I'm fine, I'm all right, you can rest assured!" These lies can you tell how much, occasionally give parents call the people around, confirm whether the old really well!

1.5 learn to care about respect for the old man around

Actually respect is mutual, who all want to be respected, no matter the old man and whether you have relationship, should be held with the heart of a respect, care, we can do it just for one day, when our elderly parents, in the same circumstances, can also respect others care about them, please remember to respect, care about is mutual, not talk! Can you tell how many lies, occasionally give parents call the people around, confirm that the old man really well.